TPS Meaning In Cryptocurrency Explained

TPS Transactions Per Second
The meaning of TPS in Cryptocurrency market and Blockchain technology is explained on

TPS Crypto Meaning

TPS means Transactions per second. It is a measure which describes how fast a cryptocurrency can handle transactions per seconds. Now you know TPS crypto meaning!

TPS Abbreviation in Crypto

When you see ‘TPS‘ abbreviation in the Crypto space, it simply stands for ‘Transactions Per Seconds’. TPS refers to the amount of transactions that a blockchain is capable of processing each second.

TPS Meaning Wikipedia

Wikipedia describes TPS in a very generic sense, explaining the term transactions per second refers to the number of atomic actions performed by certain entity per second.

The wiki page went further to note that the term has been used to describe the transaction rate of a cryptocurrency, such as the distributed network running the Bitcoin blockchain. The development of transaction rates capable of scaling to real-world volumes is an important area of research for cryptocurrency technology.

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